Grand Opening - Whole Foods Market in Fort Myers

With the closest Whole Foods Market being in Naples, the Fort Myers community was more than excited to see the doors finally open at 9 a.m. this morning after waiting almost 3 years for its arrival.

While dozens of individuals lined up the night before in hopes of claiming a gift card worth up to $500, I got to the event around 7 a.m. as I was attending the opening for work. I was not at all surprised at how busy it already was because people in this area have been dying for this store to open. The end of the line was already wrapped around the corner of the store and although the gift cards had already been distributed, I happily waited the 2 hours in order to ensure that I got into the store when it opened. As you waited in line, there were areas where you could get free orange juice, coffee, water, Kind protein bars, pastries and information on how being an Amazon Prime member helps you save money at Whole Foods Market.

I've attended a few store openings in the past, but the Whole Foods Market event was definitely a much different experience than most. When the doors officially opened, they had employees everywhere greeting you and making sure you were finding everything okay. They also had multiple tables in different departments in the store offering free samples and other freebies. I spent a few hours in the store just checking out everything they offered and soaking up all the free samples. By the time I left, there was still a line to get into the store.

Whole Foods Market is definitely a great addition to the Daniels Marketplace plaza. And with additional places expected to open in the center within the next few months, I think it will continue to be a great spot to come to. In fact, I'm already planning my next visit!