It's Beginning to Look a Lot like Netflix!

Move over Hallmark channel - there's some tough competition this year. Netflix is looking to take over the #holiday season with tons of festive movies to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. So put on your coziest pajamas, grab the popcorn and check out my list of personal favorites this year!

Christmas Inheritance

Ellen has been struggling to outgrow her careless persona and her most recent incident at a holiday charity event has left her with a less than stellar image. Desperate to prove to her father that she's more than capable of taking over the family business, she sets out to deliver a special Christmas card to her Dad's former business partner. However, fate has a funny way of disrupting every day life as Ellen discovers the true meaning of Christmas and love.

The Holiday Calendar

Watch Abby, a struggling photographer, try to find love with a little help from her inherited magical advent calendar. When one of her best friends returns to town, she fails to notice his admiring eyes and pursues a man she believes the advent calendar has led her to. Will she find love this holiday season with the help of the calendar or will she finally realize what's right in front of her?

Christmas Wedding Planner

Meet Kelsey, up-and-coming wedding planner whose first official event is to plan her cousin's wedding. Everything is running smoothly until her cousin's ex-boyfriend Connor shows up threatening to ruin the entire wedding. Will Kelsey put Connor in his place or will he destroy her career before it's even off the ground?

The Princess Switch

Stacey, an ordinary baker, is stuck in a rut. On a spontaneous trip to Belgravia for a baking competition with her sous chef and his daughter, Stacey runs into Duchess Margaret, a woman that could pass as her twin. In this lighthearted holiday RomCom, Stacey and Margaret switch lives to see if the grass is always greener on the other side.

The Christmas Chronicles

Join Teddy and Kate in this family-friendly holiday tale who are two estranged siblings still dealing with the loss of their father. Momentarily they reconnect in hopes of catching Santa Claus on camera delivering presents to their house. As the kids go on a Christmas Eve adventure they never expected, they may just rekindle their relationship in the process.

A Holiday Engagement

What's worse than being single during the holidays? Being dumped right before you take your significant other home to meet the family. Afraid to tell her family, Hilary hires an actor to pose as her fiancé with hopes they won't find out. But when her actual fiancé strolls back into the picture during her visit with her family, things get a little confusing for everyone, including Hilary.

Christmas in the Smokies

Shelby would do anything to save her parent's berry farm, even if that means spending time with her country star ex-boyfriend Mason who is back in town after several years to clear his head. When Mason offers to help her raise money in order to save their property, Shelby puts her broken heart aside and focuses on the value of faith and love.