Taco Tuesdays - DIY Crunchwrap Supreme

Honestly, I'm ashamed to admit how many crunchwrap supremes I could eat it in one sitting. I mean what could possibly be better than a taco inside a taco? Nothing - which is why I've started making these at home so I don't have to venture to #TacoBell every time I have a craving for one. The recipe itself is quite simple and requires ingredients you probably already have, that is, if you love tacos as much as I do!


Seasoned taco meat

Bag of shredded cheese

Bag of shredded lettuce

Diced tomatos

Sour cream

Nacho cheese sauce

Large flour tortillas

Small flour tortillas

Small tostados

*Tip* I usually make crunchwrap supremes when I've made tacos earlier in the week. That way, I'm using whatever leftover seasoned taco meat I already have.


Lay a large flour tortilla on your counter. Spread the nacho cheese sauce (you don't need to warm the cheese up beforehand), in a circular motion so that it is roughly the size of the tostado or the small tortilla.

Spread the cooked, seasoned taco meat on top of the nacho cheese sauce.

Place the small tostado shell on top of the meat.

Spread sour cream over the small tostado shell, being sure to cover the shell completely.

Sprinkle lettuce, tomato and the shredded cheese on top of the sour cream.

Place the small flour tortilla on top.

Pull the corners of the large flour tortilla shell from the bottom to meet in the middle of the small flour tortilla shell on top.

Place on a skillet to cook both sides. Be sure to cook the side where the the shells meet together first so that the wrap doesn't fall apart.

Cook to where you have a light, golden brown outside on the shells.

Have you made a crunchwrap supreme at home before? Let me know how you liked it in the comments below!