Get the Hair of Your Dreams with Formulate!

I think I live in the worst possible state to have perfect hair - Florida literally ruins a girl's hair. Plus all the products out there are basically made for everyone, which makes it so much harder because nobody has the same hair type.

Formulate recently reached out to me to see if I would be interested in trying their personalized shampoo and conditioner and after checking out their website, I couldn't wait to get started. I mean shampoo and conditioner that is engineered just for me? Sign me up. Another feature that attracted me was the fact that their products are preservative-free, sulfate-free, paraben-free, cruelty-free and dye-free!

This post has been sponsored by Formulate, but all opinions are my own.

I worked with Abby from the Formulate team and she was so helpful throughout the entire process. You start by taking a survey that asks you specifics of your hair like the color, thickness, moisture level, texture, length and scalp sensitivity. Once you get through that portion, you’ll be asked more detailed questions like the five things you're trying to achieve and scents you're interested in.

For me, my major areas of focus were anti-frizz, thermal protection, straighten, hydration and prevention of split ends. Like I said, Florida kills my hair of hydration and I’m obviously not one to steer clear of curling or straightening my hair.

Once I finished the survey, I downloaded the Formulate app. This is such a cool part of the process because it keeps you informed about everything going on. Once the chemists have had a chance to look over your survey, they’ll start creating the formula made just for you. Through the app, you’ll be able to see the specific ingredients used in your shampoo and conditioner - how cool is that?

After receiving my shampoo and conditioner, it was time to try them out! After my first few uses, my hair felt a little oilier than normal, but Formulate assured me that this was completely normal and it’s actually a good thing for your hair! Since they use gentle sulfate-free surfactants in order to improve the overall health of your hair, you may experience something similar the first few washes, especially if you’re like me and use products that have sulfates in them.

I’ve been using my personalized shampoo and conditioner for over a week now and I’ve already seen a major difference! My hair is so much softer, feels overall healthier and has a beautiful shine to it. I feel like my hair is so much stronger now and I don’t have to resist the temptation of using heat tools on it.

Interested in giving Formulate a try? Their team was amazing enough to offer my followers a chance to win a full-size shampoo and conditioner valued at $49. All you have to do is click the following link to enter and hit the button that says enter my giveaway: And if you don’t win - don’t worry! Everyone that enters will receive a $5 off coupon.