Your Guide to the Craft Beer Festival at SeaWorld Orlando

Craft beer lovers, unite! SeaWorld Orlando is hosting their Craft Beer Festival on Saturdays and Sundays now through October 27 from 11 a.m. to park close. With over 100 craft brews and more than 20 unique food items, there's a little something for everyone. I recently had the chance to experience the Craft Beer Festival for myself and I couldn't wait to share a little more about the event and my experience. A special thanks to SeaWorld Orlando for hosting me!

Below I've outlined a guide to get you through a successful day at the festival:

1. Get to the park before the festival starts at 11 a.m. I highly recommend this because it gives you a chance to explore the park if you haven't visited lately and then you're all set to start sampling when the event officially kicks off. The crowd is also more manageable earlier in the day, so you can spend more time sampling instead of waiting in line. Cheers to more beers!

2. Buy a sampling lanyard. Instead of paying as you go, a sampling lanyard allows you to get the most bang for your buck and is so much more convenient than having to pull out a card to pay each time. There are two options for the lanyard, either the 12 item lanyard for $54 or the 8 item lanyard for $40. It really depends how much you plan on eating and drinking when you're deciding which one to purchase as both lanyards are eligible for the same food and drink options located at the Craft Beer Festival kiosks throughout the park.

3. Make a plan. Grabbing the park map along with the Craft Beef Festival pamphlet when you enter is a must for a successful day. You're essentially on a beer trail, so to ensure you don't miss any of the stops, it's handy to follow them in order. Plus, all of the food items are listed in your pamphlet so you basically have personal access to a menu for every stop.

4. Take breaks throughout the day. The hot Florida sun paired with dozens of drinks can result in a bad day if you aren't careful! Visit the penguins at The Empire Penguin to cool down or share a laugh with a friend while watching Pets Ahoy. Stopping to take a break here and there allows you to get through the entire festival without missing out on anything.

Have you ever been to the Craft Beer Festival at SeaWorld? What were your thoughts? Let me know in the comments below!