My Experience with Something Borrowed Blooms

One thing that really stressed me out during my wedding prep was flowers. Flowers are so expensive and really, why do we need to spend thousands of dollars on arrangements that quite possibly could be dead before the ceremony even starts? I'd heard about silk flowers once or twice before but it was so nerve-racking to think about not having real flowers.

During my hours of research, I discovered a company called Something Borrowed Blooms (SBBlooms). SBBlooms is basically a floral boutique that offers the highest quality silk flowers for weddings and delivers them right to your doorstep. I'm not ashamed to say I spent probably a week or two scouring their Facebook and Instagram pages looking at tagged photos to see what they actually looked like at weddings. When I finally decided to take the plunge and go with silk flowers, I felt a wave of relief. I no longer had to stress about spending thousands of dollars on flowers that would essentially go to waste. The flowers from SBBlooms are rented to you for your wedding for a fraction of the cost of a traditional florist, saving you up to 70%! In fact, I spent under $300 on 2 bridesmaids bouquets, 1 bridal bouquet, 2 corsages and 9 boutonnieres.

Below I've answered some frequently asked questions I received when people discovered I was using silk flowers:

When do you receive the flowers?

You can expect to receive your flowers 2 days before your wedding, giving you the perfect amount of time to get them out of the box and fluff them if needed. In my case, I didn't need to do anything to my flowers - they looked absolutely perfect!

What do they ship the flowers in?

They arrived in a large box with material inside to keep them secure during shipping. I was so excited when I opened the box and it smelled like real flowers! The attention to detail is amazing.

How do you keep track of all your flowers during the wedding?

On my wedding day, I made sure to bring the original box with me in order to get them right back in their box after the ceremony and photos were finished. I designated a person to collect all the bouquets, corsages and boutonnieres, which is something I highly recommend because when the ceremony itself is over, things can get pretty hectic. It's best to secure those flowers while you can to ensure none go missing!

Do they actually look real?

Yes! I was amazed at how beautiful and realistic the flowers were. A lot of people didn't know they were silk and they photographed so well. I never once had to worry about my flowers wilting during my first look or flowers arriving day of and NOT being exactly what I had in mind!

What's the return process like?

The return process was really easy. Your original box comes with a prepaid shipping label, so all you have to do is load the flowers back into their box and drop it off at FedEx. Just be sure you drop them off within 2 days so you don't get charged!

Which Collection did you use? I used The Jane Collection for my wedding day. The Jane features lots of greenery with all white roses and peonies. It was perfect for my style and wedding vision. SBBlooms offers a variety or collections to choose from with various styles, colors and shapes to fit just about any wedding theme or color pallet!

Selecting Something Borrowed Blooms was honestly one of the best decisions I made for my wedding. Not only was it easier on our budget, but it took away so much unnecessary stress and I got the exact arrangement that I wanted. I can't say enough wonderful things about this company.

Be sure to click through my gallery below to see my flowers on my wedding day! You can also view all of their collections by clicking here!

Photographer Credit: FarMore Photography LLC

A special thank you to SBBlooms for working with me on this amazing collaboration!