Dinnertime Made Easy with HelloFresh

Life is crazy and the closer we get to the holidays, the crazier it gets. Michael and I have had so much going on this year, so having a home-cooked meal rarely ever happens. I had heard about HelloFresh before but never really gave it much consideration because Michael loves to cook and easily comes up with meals of his own to make.

Finally, after months of eating takeout and just feeling overall burnt out from all the last-minute meals, we decided to give HelloFresh a try. There are always a ton of coupons floating around so I knew we could at least get a good deal while trying the service. In fact, you can click here to save $40 off your first box!

This post is not sponsored by HelloFresh and all opinions are my own. I will receive a credit good towards the purchase of more HelloFresh boxes if you purchase through my link, but I will not be compensated directly.

So what exactly is HelloFresh and how does it work? HelloFresh is a meal subscription service that delivers ingredients and directions for a delicious meal right to your doorstep! There are also different subscription options available to fit your needs. There's the classic plan or the family plan customers and you can select between 2 - 6 meals per week for either 2 or 4 people.

Each week, your box will be delivered on your designated arrival date that you choose. The cardboard box itself comes with an insulated layer inside and additional icepacks on top of your meat or chicken. Additionally, the smaller ingredients are divided into paper bags categorized by each meal.

There are 21 meals available per week and all you have to do is make your selections at 11:59 p.m. PST 5 days before your scheduled delivery day. If you aren't seeing any meals that you really like or you're going on vacation, you can simply skip the week.

And don't worry if you're a picky eater! I'm one myself, but I found that there were a lot of dishes that interested me. I also found myself trying a lot of new things solely because I didn't know they were incorporated into the dishes that I love.

HelloFresh is great if you're lacking inspiration for meals or just stuck in a rut like we were. It allows you to try things out of the box that you wouldn't normally try and honestly, you feel like you're out dining at a restaurant with the quality you receive. It's also great if you aren't an experienced cook as everything is sent in the exact amount you need. You definitely pay more for the overall convenience than you would normally shopping at a grocery store, but it's helpful if you're a busy couple or family that needs simplicity when it comes to dinner time!

Below I've highlighted some of the meals we've tried through HelloFresh! Don't forget, you can click here to save $40 off your first box! Have you tried HelloFresh and what were your thoughts? Let me know in the comments below!