5 Instagram-Worthy Murals Across Atlanta

If you take a drive around Atlanta, you’ll quickly discover you won’t get too far before you start seeing creative murals that line the walls of buildings, railroad cars and basically every inch of free space. In fact, there’s even an online database that is run by Atlanta Street Art Map to categorize Atlanta’s growing street art collection!

Over the last several years, I’ve traveled to Atlanta at least a dozen times for work, and I’m always fascinated at how many artistic individuals have made the Big Peach their home. Below, I’ve highlighted my top five mural locations, so if you’re planning a trip to Atlanta anytime soon, I would definitely suggest adding them to your itinerary!

Greg Mike Murals at The Interlock

This one is relatively new and one of my absolute favorites! Greg Mike is a well-known Atlanta street artist that has dozens of pieces throughout the city. Recently, he teamed up with The Interlock in West Midtown to create six different murals across The Interlock’s property. His imagery conveys bright elements that definitely make for a fun photo!

Rainbow Crosswalks at Piedmont Avenue

In 2017, Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed announced that rainbow crosswalks would be installed at the intersection of 10th Street and Piedmont Avenue in honor of the one-year anniversary of the Pulse Nightclub tragedy in Orlando, Florida. The crosswalks encourage unity and acceptance and are a great addition to the area.

Avocado Wings at Gusto!

You’ve probably seen the infamous angel wings in Nashville either in person or on social media, but have you ever seen the avocado wings in Atlanta?! While you’re enjoying some fresh tex-mex from the Gusto! location at 1935 Peachtree Road, grab a quick photo and become an #ATLAvoAngel.

Disco Ball on Piedmont Road Northeast

This brightly-colored disco ball offers the perfect backdrop for just about any photo! Included with the mural are two disco dancers, so you might just catch a little boogie fever when checking this fun piece out. If you’re struggling to locate the exact location for this one, it’s on the side of the Kroger grocery store.

Krog Street Tunnel

A visit to Atlanta is not complete without a stop at Krog Street! The walls that make up this short underpass are filled with colorful graffiti, and many stop to take photos throughout the tunnel. After you drive or walk through, more art pieces line the exterior walls!

Have you checked out any of these murals in Atlanta or have a personal favorite of your own?